Toronto Salsa Clubs and Salsa Venues

Toronto is a very lively city where one can do plenty of Salsa dancing.  The Salsa scene in Toronto is absolutely hot, there is a spot for pretty much every night of the week with some days being more popular than others. Below are some great Toronto Salsa clubs and socials to attend for some fun social Salsa dancing. The Salsa socials and practices held around the Toronto area are also perfect to practice the moves and turn patterns that you have been taught in your Salsa classes.

SDS social dance outings

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  • Mondays @ Alleycatz
    W/FREE LESSONS @ 8:30
    NO COVER BEFORE 9:002409 Yonge St.


  • Tuesdays @ Alleycatz
    W/FREE LESSONS @8:30
    LADIES FREE BEFORE 10:302409 Yonge St.


  • The Bachata Room; brought to you by Dj Sisco. We are very happy to give Toronto a mid-week Bachata event, at a prime location, one block away from Bay and Bloor.
  • Costs : $10Music by : Dj Sisco – Formula 90% Bachata with a sprinkle of Salsa
  • Classes 9-10pm : Caryl Cuizon Director of Latin Dance Company
  • Dress your best, Mr. Mambobeat aka Peter De Souza, will be in the house, taking amazing pictures!


  • MAS Thursdays is the new Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba night created by dancers for the dancers at El Rancho! 3 Rooms available to get your fix. A Strictly Salsa Room and a Strictly Bachata Room.Melodies by Resident and Guest DJsCost: $12 COVERDance lessons starting at 9:00pm sharp.Dress to impress as our professional photographer Mambobeat will be there to take that perfect moment!!
    430 College St.


  • Toronto Salsa Fridays–TSFridays–a collection of events organized by Azhwan Mando aka DJ Azhwan, a well-known collector and a long time Canadian Salsa DJ.
    On the 4th Friday of the month, TSFridays offers Salsa All Stars (SaS)–featuring the best Toronto Vinyl DJs and music from each of their personal vinyl collections.
    On the 2nd Friday of the month TSFridays hosts Friday Salsa Fusion– a more relaxed event that combines classic with modern Salsa and a strategic mix of vinyl with digital sound. Friday Salsa Fusion encompasses the most popular 1970′s New York Salsa as well as new bands with hard beats–expect to hear some great Cha Cha and Boogaloo as well as some sexy urban Bachata.
    LOCATION: First Floor, Dovercourt House
    805 Dovercourt Road
    Cover fee: $10 at the door


  • PlazaFlamingoResturant(TorontoSalsaClub-Downtown)423 College St.
    www.plazaflamingo.comCover charge is $10.00.  Flamingo has been around forever within the Latin and Salsa dancing scene. A fusion of Latin and Top 40 mix of music all night long.  The crowd at Plazaflamingo is a little younger.  If you are looking to do a lot of Salsa dancing then Plaza is probably not for you as a lot of Top 40 and mixes are being played throughout the night.  However, if you are looking for a night club in Toronto with a little Latin flavour then you have found the right place.
  • ElRanchoResturant(TorontoSalsaClub-Downtown)430 College St.
    www.elrancho.caCover charge is $10.00. Usually caters to a more mature Salsa crowd in Toronto. There are two floors available playing different music (mostly Salsa and Bachata).  The dance floor upstairs is a little small so when it gets busy, you will not be able to do some of your flashier Salsa moves.  However, the lower level is usually not as busy as upstairs.
  • Trinity-St.Paul’schurch(TorontoSalsavenue)427 Bloor St. West
    3:30 pm to 5:30pm and 5:30pm to 8:00pm.
    www.torontosalsapractice.comCover charge is $5.00 for both sessions.  One of the best places in Toronto to practice those Salsa moves and turn patterns that you have learned from your Salsa classes.  People are really friendly and there are plenty of beginners as well as more advanced dancers. Great Place to practice with lots of space.  Trinity Church also holds other Toronto Salsa events all year round.


  • DovercourtHouse (TorontoSalsavenue)805 Dovercourt Rd.
    Toronto, Ontario
    5:00pm to 10:00pm
    www.dovercourthouse.comThis is the hottest place in Toronto for Sunday Salsa dancing. All the Toronto Salsa dancers who go to the clubs during the weeknights show up to the Dovercourt House on Sundays for this social.  Despite the fact that it could get busy, it is also pretty spacious at the same time.  Bottle water is $2 which is a lot more reasonable compared to other places.
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