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Anton Sharafetdinov

Anton began dancing at the age of 6 in Taganrog, Russia. Dancing came to him naturally at the age of 6 and it quickly became his way of life. Always true to himself, he based his innovative style on total harmony in the psychical and psychological aspect of dancing. At the age of 14 he moved to Krasnodar and continued his career in ballroom dancing. Inspired by professional ballroom dancers, Anton arrived in Moscow in 2000 and continued dancing.

During that year he made many of his dreams come true. He obtained second place in the International Style contest which was the  beginning of his successful dance career. After 3 years of national and international contests, he finally got the first national place in 2003. That year he traveled to Spain ranking number 11 in the world..

Spain was supposed to be his home for a few months before coming to Canada to thrive in the ballroom dance with his new partner in Toronto. Instead of this, Anton fell in love with a new style of dance unknown to him up until that moment. That style was Salsa. Excited by this intricate dance he decided to settle down in Spain and started his dance career from the beginning as a Salsa and Ballroom instructor.

The first location where Anton started to developed his Salsa skills was Alicante (cradle of “On 1″ style in Spain). Anton continued to grow as salsa dancer in Cuban and Los Angeles Styles. After two years and motivated by this dance he decided to move to Barcelona (capital of Salsa “On 2″ style). Anton grew as a Salsa On 2 dancer for 4 more years. During this time he danced with renowned Salsa groups such as Mythical Mambo and he organized a Salsa company called “Saltatio”, performing all over Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia) as well as many other countries in Europe: Portugal, Italy, Poland …

Elena Vasilyeva

Elena Vasilyeva is from Izevsk, Russia and was raised in a family fueled by a passion for dance. Her parents (Viacheslav and Larisa) are both veteran Ballroom dancers who inspired Elena to start her dance journey during childhood in rhythmic gymnastics. At the age of 11 Elena started her formal Ballroom dance lessons and started teaching Ballroom in 2000 in Russia. In 2003 Elena’s dance journey brought her to Barcelona (Spain) where she developed a new passion for Latin dances such as Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. Elena continued to build and develop her technique and passion in her new found love for Latin dancing during her stay in Spain. She also started to dance professionally with Anton Sharafetdinov. She has performed and participated in many Salsa congresses in Europe including, Moscow, Huesca, Murcia, Cadiz, Madrid, and Barcelona.
In 2009 Elena moved to Toronto and continued dancing and sharing her passion through teaching and different performances. During the time Elena spent in Russia, Spain, and Canada, she learned and became fluent in all three languages (Russian, Spanish, and English). Students from different cultural backgrounds find her language skills to be extremely helpful as she can instruct and relate to her students overcoming the language barrier. You will often find Elena performing with Social Dance Spot, teaching advanced classes or assisting with technique and ladies’ styling.

Chelcia Creary

Chelcia is a graduate of the Edna Manley College of the visual and Performing Arts, with a bachelor’s in dance education. She has danced and choreographed with the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica and was an apprentice at the Ballet creole school. She is currently teaching Afro Caribbean dance at the children and youth dance theatre. She has also toured extensively to the Caribbean, US and Japan, performing and doing dance workshops.

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